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Believe us, we get it: When you’re met with a pair of puppy dog eyes, it can be hard to keep from slipping them something during dinner. And it’s totally understandable to want to give your kitty the best of everything, including little snacks throughout the day. Our pets do so much for us, why not pay them back with delectable treats?

Unfortunately, too much food or a lack of balance in their diet could lead to some serious health conditions. And this goes the other way, too. If they aren’t eating enough, your furbaby may not be getting the nutrition they need for a healthy, happy life. So if your dog is starting to resemble a hog, or your feline is refusing food, the Cedar Hills WellHaven can help.

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Cedar Hills Nutritional Counseling for Your Pet

Just like you manage your diet for a healthier, longer life, what your pet eats is a huge factor in their overall health and lifespan. The Cedar Hills WellHaven pet nutritionist will work with you to set up a proper diet, eating schedule, and more. What they eat is just as important as how much they eat.

If you do have a paunchy pet, you’re not alone. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention says that more than 50 percent of adults dogs and cats are overweight or obese. While having a flabby tabby might be cute for some, obesity can lead to an increased risk of osteoarthritis, hypertension, certain types of diabetes, and even some cancers!

You might be unsure if your pet is overweight or just “big-boned.” More than 15 percent of dog and cat owners don’t realize their furry family member is overweight or obese. Our counselors will take an overall look at your pet, including your cat or dog’s nutritional intake, environment, and overall lifestyle.

Nutrition Plans For Your Pet

Once we have a baseline for your pet, we help pet owners create a healthy eating plan. This doesn’t necessarily mean limiting the amount of pet food, either. Large breeds are just going to eat a lot, and not giving them enough can lead to other problems.

But as we said before, what they eat is just as important as how much. Some pets also have certain dietary or weight management needs specific to their breed or medical condition. That’s why an overall examination is so important: Weight fluctuation (up or down) could be a sign of something else.

Once any underlying issues have been addressed, our nutrition counselors will provide options to help your pet get back to a healthy weight and lifestyle. We’ll devise a healthy eating plan for your pet as well as potential lifestyle changes that can prolong their life. These diet plans will change to keep pace with the age of your pet as well.

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We’re Here for Your Pet

Cedar Hills WellHaven wants nothing but the best for you and your pet. If you’ve noticed any changes in how your pet eats or their overall demeanor, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. It could be more than just table scraps that are making them feel listless or out of sorts.

But fear not–there’s always a time and place for treats! In fact, we always keep a few snacks handy to put your pet at ease when they come in for a visit. The key is knowing what’s in those treats and how many to give. Our nutritional recommendations will give you guidance.

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