Cedar Hills Annual Pet Exams: What They Reveal and Why They’re Important

No matter what, our pets always seem to be there for us. They give us big, slobbery kisses, warm our hearts with purrs, and curl up next to us on the couch. Naturally, we want to be there for them when they need us. This is especially true when it comes to tending to their medical needs.

One way to make sure of this is to visit WellHaven Pet Health Cedar Hills for annual vet exams. These are the best ways to keep track of our beloved pets’ well-being year after year. By scheduling annual exams, you’ll be helping your furry friends be with you for the long haul. No matter their age, annual exams allow our professional and friendly clinic staff to set a health baseline and head off any small issues that threaten to turn into big problems.

Whether you have a brand new kitten or an older rescue dog, bring them to Cedar Hills WellHaven, and we can give them a true “nose-to-tail” initial exam.

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Annual Pet Exams Keep Track of Their Wellness

When you bring your pet to us for the first time, we’ll get as much background information as we can about your new family member. From there we can schedule vaccinations, treatments, and other appointments to prevent diseases and keep parasites at bay.

Any information you can give us during this initial exam will be quite helpful, so don’t hesitate to provide us with any and all details regarding your pet’s behavior and habits, including eating habits, and other information that will help us track your pet’s health progress. 

Cedar Hills WellHaven will also check the eyes, ears, nose, and skin of your new dog or cat (or bunny, ferret, and other pocket pets). If there are any health issues, we can prescribe medication, draw blood, or even schedule an appointment for an X-ray and other internal medicine. 

We can then track the progress of your pet based on this first visit. Over time — and through subsequent annual exams — we build a health profile for your pet and anticipate their needs as they grow. As they grow older and their lifestyle changes, their overall needs and care will be adjusted accordingly.


Help Us Help Your Pets

If your pet has been acting a little — or a lot — strangely for a few days, make sure to let us know. We can look at their past exams and visits and may be able to diagnose over the phone. 

For example, keep an eye out for skin and coat issues, such as excessive shedding, unusual or erratic bowel movements (perhaps a sign of intestinal parasites) , irregular sleep schedules, or excessive tearing or coagulations or fluid around the eyes.

You can also perform basic physical examinations on cats or dogs (and puppies or kittens) and your pocket pets. These include physical exams of the gums and teeth (for possible early stages of periodontal diseases) and limbs.

With the information gathered from past annual vet exams and other visits, you’ll have a better understanding of what kind of care your pet needs.

Your veterinarian will discuss with you ways in which treatment options and additional tests can be used to care for and diagnose heart and lung diseases, problems with lymph nodes, problems with heart rates, and more.

Whether it’s a pocket pet, a cat, or a dog, annual exams are critical in keeping your pet healthy and living a good, long life.

You can help manage your pet’s health through a more active lifestyle at home, better nutrition and diet, and even some training to curb any unhealthy habits. Annual exams are recommended for pets under 6 years old or 7 years old and semi-annually after that.


Someone holding a sleepy kitty | Cedar Hills WellHaven
No matter their age, annual exams allow our professional and friendly clinic staff to set a health baseline and head off any small issues that threaten to turn into big problems.
Donna Anderson, DVM | Cedar Hills WellHaven

Preventive Care

Annual examinations are just one part of the overall health care of your furry family member. Regularly scheduled checkups, treatments, and other services, such as dental care and pelvic exams, all play a part in keeping your pet happy, hardy, and healthy.

By keeping an eye on the well-being of your pet, you can catch small problems before they become big issues. After setting an overall health baseline with an initial examination, Cedar Hills WellHaven will then adapt care based on the age of your pet.

Our annual examinations will change to meet the needs of your pet as they grow older. As will certain vaccinations, treatments, and even dietary needs. Preventive care includes specialty care as well, such as dentistry or internal medicine. Our annual examinations offer full nose-to-tail care when you bring them in.

We use the info from annual physical exams to build a medical history, vaccinate against disease, and, if necessary, prepare to perform surgery. It all comes together to keep your pet at the top of their game: Bringing you and your family happiness and joy! Treating animals is a pleasure and a joy at WellHaven.

To stay on top of the health and well-being of your animals, veterinarians who work at WellHaven will need these annual exams to provide a fuller picture of your pet’s health.

We love and appreciate our companion animals as much as you do, so our doctors of veterinary medicine will be sure to keep you informed about our findings and our recommendations.

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